Mixed up bottles and washed light: fatal error doctor have been fatal

Перепутал бутылки и промыл легкие: роковая ошибка врача закончилась летальным исходом

Error doctor have been fatal despite the fact that the patient has tried hard to save the life of

In the UK, the doctor mixed up the bottles and straight into the patient’s lungs filled cleaning product intended for medical devices, the result of which he died in a few days.

68-year-old William Hanna had an accident with serious injuries and was taken to hospital in the British city of Salford. The next day he was transferred to the intensive care unit, and he was later diagnosed with respiratory tract infection.

Перепутал бутылки и промыл легкие: роковая ошибка врача закончилась летальным исходом

In particular, to make it easier for the patient to breathe, he had to do a bronchoscopy of the lungs during the relevant procedure light is introduced a small amount of saline. But the doctor, mistaking the bottles, filled the lungs Hannah means for sterilization of medical equipment. The man was urgently operated, but after a few days he died.

It was later determined that cleaning products were stored in a bottle with no marking in the place where usually kept saline. Law enforcement officers are investigating the incident and trying to see if there is a connection between medical error and death of Hannah.

As reported, the Russian doctors was sent to the light Ukrainka. In a private Metropolitan hospital Russian Federation after the surgery died a Ukrainian citizen born in 1969.

The incident occurred on 3 September at the medical clinic “Family doctor” at Usacheva street Moscow. Deceased came to the clinic with a complaint of acyclic bleeding.

The doctor diagnosed a woman has an endometrial polyp and offered to do her surgery to remove the tissue, stressing that surgery should not be delayed, it needed to have.

Before the surgery, the patient reported that is not allergic to the drugs used in the procedure.

Перепутал бутылки и промыл легкие: роковая ошибка врача закончилась летальным исходом

“The woman was immersed in anesthesia and removed her polyp, however, during the control of hysteroscopy in surgical fell pressure and heart rate. The patient was moved into a large operating room, gave her a defibrillation and connected to the ventilator. Then came two brigades of “ambulance”, which tried to revive the woman, but to no avail. The doctors pronounced him dead,” — said the source. The body taken to the morgue to determine the exact cause of death.

Recall that the error of the doctor was worth the leg, the hospital said it was an accident, leg amputated

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