Mixed martial arts fighter Habib Nurmagomedov UFC threatened breach of contract

About this athlete said network.

Боєць змішаних єдиноборств Хабіб Нурмагомедов пригрозив UFC розривом контракту

“I would like to go to the UFC. Why you didn’t get fired when their team bus attacked the crowd and injured a few people, because they could kill someone there, why no one says anything about the insults of my country, religion, nation, family, informs Rus.Media.

Why should you punish my team when beating both teams, if you will say that I started it, I don’t agree, I finished them. So punish me, what does zubayra tukhugov?

If you think I’ll be quiet, you are wrong, you cancelled the fight, Zubiri and want to dismiss him just because he hit Conor after Conor was the first to hit my other Brother, the camera is seen.

Know that you and me will lose with him in Russia we do not leave his, and I my Brother will go to the end, and if you do decide to fire him, and I don’t forget to send terminated the contract, otherwise I will break.

My fee is that you are not giving and which is taking you, you can keep it. Just make sure you have it in the throat is not stuck. We defended his honor, and most importantly, for the brothers we go to the end,” wrote Nurmagomedov in Instagram.

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