Missing brother, brother missed

1210567“When I drew it, I had no book published under my belt and my readership consisted of about 30 people. I doubt I can redo one day a book with the same honesty. “

Here is what we read in the word of introduction of the album Nicolas, specifically in the new version created by the Jonquierois Pascal Girard. Ten years after producing the story based on the death of his little brother, he finds that this comic will always occupy a special place within his work.

The book recently came out with the complicity of the general mechanics, includes the book published in 2006. Nothing has changed, including drawings whose gross character reflects the sense of urgency in which this project was day and the relative inexperience of the author.

“I thought of the remake, but I do not have the means to Herge, who had a team to refresh Tintin. There is also the fact that as a player, I love the first comics versions, “explained Pascal Girard last few days, during a telephone interview with the Progress-Sunday.

It therefore takes the line a bit “rough” but honesty outlined above refers also – and especially – to content. We see the child playing with Nicolas. Their complicity is obvious, but is cruelly interrupted by lactic acidosis, the disease that killed the younger. And then it’s mourning. More or less assumed.

“It is I who should have died in her place” and think Pascal, become a young adult. is seen stun in alcohol and other substances, forget the anniversary of the death until the collapse of the twin towers in New York. As a reminder, hard to beat.

“Creating the first book had no therapeutic effect on me. All I wanted was to make a cross on it quickly by taking the material that I already knew, tells Pascal Girard. Today, when I think of my grief, there are times when I think it was not well done. At other times, it’s better. ”

He Nicolas product in two days, from a list of anecdotes before enameling the story. The absence of filter, its tendency to show as such, even give him an unflattering picture partly reflects the fact that this book was to remain confidential.

“I first did for me, confirms the author. I just wanted to make that clear, even if the design was all wrong. Now a publisher friend read it and asked me to take him out. He would not bring alterations, a choice which in my opinion was the right one. ”

The third brother

In Nicolas is hardly one realizes that the Girard family had a third son, Joel. This is the latest and has few memories of his missing brother. The elder, who displayed a sovereign indifference towards him, does not help to fill the gaps.

Even when addressing the reissue of the book, so he wanted to add a chapter, Pascal Girard has not thought about it. At least spontaneously. “I wanted to continue where I left off, after ten years. So I started to make pages without following a chronological order, with no clear idea, “he says.

This is the way that the idea came to him linger in her relationship with Joel, who became the central character of this story. We find a nice man, coupled with a musician whose eldest boasts discipline, keeping his distance. The line is more elegant, but obviously, the wound is slow to heal.

“At the end, by cons, I show that there is an open door,” said Pascal Girard, who took advantage of the new edition of Nicolas in English, at the request of the house Drawn And Quarterly, to revisit this comic tone so personal.

Recreation under the sign of bears
Pascal Girard’s prolific output since a few months away, the original version of Nicolas and album in a jug. Laziness, Jimmy and Bigfoot, Valentin, and Conventum The collector resulted in bookstores inside a ten-year window.

Given the fact that comics must live with his other profession, that of a social worker in a hospital in the metropolis, it is an impressive rate. “I took out a lot of books,” admits the author originally from Jonquiуre.

The idea to take a break might be necessary, but he found a different way to catch his breath. Instead of producing a fiction, in fact, here it is committed to the creation of a structure similar to a documentary.

“I’m doing a book for children that focuses on bears, grizzly mainly reveals Pascal Girard. There will be no fiction and no gag, inside this book. The release is scheduled for 2017, published in the watermelon. ”

What makes this project different from previous, is the emphasis on the visual component. “This time, I want to push the drawing, which generates additional stress. On the other hand, I am less in danger, “reports Jonquierois.

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