Missing 3-year-old boy suddenly found: “play with the car.”

Пропавшего 3-х летнего мальчика неожиданно нашли: «игрался с машинкой»

In Kiev law enforcement officers found 3-year-old boy now looking for his parents

It is reported by TSN, also wrote about this to the press service of the National police of Kiev.

It is known that a patrol spotted the child in the vicinity of the station dorohozhychi. Of adults who could confirm that I know the boy, there was no one. So the baby was taken to the police Department.

“The child was found during a patrol of the Shevchenko district of the capital on the street Helen Teligi. Now he is in the police Department under the supervision of a juvenile police, ” — told in law enforcement bodies.

Пропавшего 3-х летнего мальчика неожиданно нашли: «игрался с машинкой»

It turned out that the boy was found at the kiosk. He was alone and very scared. This is the place where a large transport interchange — located near the exit of the subway dorohozhychi, stopping minibuses and trolleybuses. How was there a baby, is unknown. The sellers of dozens of stalls, situated close by, never saw him. Don’t know any small garden near or on playgrounds. Little blonde with big blue eyes. Very friendly and quiet. He himself while tell nothing can. Shows that he is already 3 years. But the name, responded to Nazar, and Bohdan.

Пропавшего 3-х летнего мальчика неожиданно нашли: «игрался с машинкой»

After talking with him it became clear that he was playing in the sandbox supposedly with the machine. However, any toy law enforcement agencies if it could not find. Appearance the boy is clean and well maintained. Says that she lives with her mother.

Already at 20.34 in telegram-channel “Kiev Online” there was a record that the parent of the boy was found. At the moment they are in the police station. Communicate with them militiamen and the staff of child protective services.

Пропавшего 3-х летнего мальчика неожиданно нашли: «игрался с машинкой»

Earlier it was reported that on the Playground the child hung until he lost consciousness. The incident occurred in one of kindergartens of the city of Zlatoust (Russia). There while walking almost choked ward, reports the Telegram channel 360tv.

Girl playing with peers. Then the baby decided to climb on the children’s train. Jumping badly down, baby caught the hood of the crossbar and was left hanging. The child in distress no one was paying attention — no playing near the children nor the teacher. A few minutes later the teacher still managed paying attention to the girl and went at a slow pace to get her out. By removing the hood from the trap, she didn’t even hold the baby and he just fell to the floor and remained to lie without movement.

Recall that in the middle of the night the neighbors houses called the police — two-year-old was in the entrance.

As reported Politeka, drunken father threw the son out of the Windows of flats.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian woman gave birth to the 18th child.