Miss Belgium 2017 accused of racism: the man targeted by his polemic photo claims to him 20,000 euros

The man who appeared in a picture of Miss Belgium 2017 embellished with an emoticon caca counterattack. He claims today the sum of 20 000 euros in compensation for the damage suffered.
Remember, last January, Romanie Schotte, elected Miss Belgium 2017, had made controversy on social networks. She had posted on Instagram a picture, with a black man behind her. One of her friends then commented “That nigga” , to which the young woman had replied: “I know,” with an emoji poop. An exchange that provoked an outcry: Romanie Schotte was immediately accused of racism.
Given the controversy that she described as “ridiculous” , the beauty queen had defended in the Gazet van Antwerpen , a Flemish newspaper: ” I’m not racist, I am open to all cultures . Five black men came to me for a selfie. And I did it with pleasure. ” She said the emoticon represented by no means a poop, but ” a chocolate ice cream cone. ”
If the case has settled since, the man in the picture decided not to stop there. Today, he says humiliated and claims 20,000 euros to the young woman. “He wrote to tell us that he was sending a letter to Romanie, asking him for the money , confirmed to Sudpresse, Darline Devos, the chairman of the Miss Belgium committee. We did not even know the name of the young man before he wrote us. ” It will be easier now whether to sign the check.

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