Mishka told the truth about drugs in the “Quarter-95”: “someone Who wants to…”

Кошевой рассказал правду о наркотиках в «Квартале 95»: «Кто-то хочет…»

The star of “Quarter-95” has frankly told about the drug situation, which is in the company

About this Eugene Mishka said during his interview, which was posted on Youtube.

“I think that is a personal matter. It is a personal human life. So, let’s just say we’re not going round the table and do not smoke the “peace pipe”, — he said.

At the same time, Mishka said that this question is purely individual.

“Everyone has their own interests. Someone wants someone there. Moreover, took this great law. It should have been done a long time ago”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the Studio “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh answered the question about the possibility for me to go into politics. He said this to journalists on arrival at the inauguration ceremony of his friend and former partner in the show business of Vladimir Zelensky.

Mishka said that he was not offered this option, and to go into politics, he is not going to.

He said he does not know whether someone else from “quarter” to try policy.

“All now draw Parallels with the film. I think you can’t do that”, – replied the journalist Mishka.

Earlier it was reported that colleagues about the Studio “95 Quarter” came to support the Vladimir Zelensky at the inauguration.

In particular, the Verkhovna Rada has spotted the actor and comedian Yuri Kravchenkoa, which is known to Ukrainians under the pseudonym “Yuzik”.

Under the Mariinsky Palace, where newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky began his journey at the solemn session of the Parliament, arrived, and another actor-comedian Eugene Mishka, who gladly photographed with caring Ukrainians.

In addition, our reporter was able to photograph under walls of the Verkhovna Rada of another actor Studio “Kvartal 95” Miku Batalova, which in a great mood embracing her peers “Utica”.

Кошевой рассказал правду о наркотиках в «Квартале 95»: «Кто-то хочет…»

Recall that Zelensky has officially dissolved the Parliament and sacked the key politicians.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky at the inauguration urgently appealed to Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that will make Zelensky immediately after the inauguration solved something of interest to all.