Minister orders probe

faudra-attendre-vendredi-matin-pourThe Directorate of Youth Protection (DYP) of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean will be investigated in two parts after the death of a child known to its protection services.

This was decided by the Minister for Rehabilitation, the Youth Protection, the Public Health and Healthy lifestyles, Lucie Charlebois, having been aware of situations of concern have been underway as part of interventions DPJ university integrated Centre for health and social services (CIUSSS) of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

To shed light on this sad affair, the minister addressed the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights (CDPDJ), an independent government agency which has the task of ensuring the promotion and respect the rights contained in the youth protection Act, we learn in a statement issued Thursday night.

Scrutinized process

Initially, this organization will be mandated to assess whether all possible protective measures have been taken by regional DPJ to ensure the safety of the child. Secondly, the CDPDJ is to investigate the services rendered by the DPJ in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, for his intervention process and more specifically the reception, processing and evaluation reports. It will issue, in particular, the analysis of the mechanisms of decision making, coaching and training of stakeholders as well as clinical tools they have to fulfill their mandate.

“I hope that the Commission of Human Rights and Youth Rights can provide the necessary light on recent events to ensure that such situations do not recur and to maximize the effectiveness of the directions of services protection of youth across Quebec in the best interest of children, “said Minister Charlebois.

Obviously, almost no details were available about the victim or the circumstances that prompted the minister to order an investigation, and that, in order to protect his identity.


Regarding the regional DPJ part permanence, Pierre Villeneuve, said that no comment would be issued on that Thursday night. The Regional Director of the DPJ, Sonia Boivin, currently on holiday, will be available to answer questions from the media that as of Friday morning.

Impossible to know whether the members of the Commission of the person and the rights of youth rights have planned an imminent meeting with the authorities of the regional or the DPJ CIUSSS. “As they are independent, we can not impose deadlines. But we definitely hope (the investigation will be done) as soon as possible in order to study the recommendations, “said the press secretary of the minister, Bianca Boutin, when joined Thursday night. The recommendations for the intervention process will probably apply to the DPJ in other regions of Quebec.

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