Military aircraft Putin flew to the destination: first details of the emergency

Военный самолет Путина не долетел до места назначения: первые подробности ЧП

In Russia there was an emergency with the aircraft which is in service with the army Putin

Wednesday, July 3, in Yekaterinburg made an emergency landing military aircraft. This was announced by Russian media quoted a source in the services of the airport “Koltsovo”.

According to him, we are talking about the plane An-12 in flight, he refused one of the engines. Information on victims as a result of the emergency landing yet.

An-12 — Soviet military transport aircraft. He is known as a “Beginner”.

Военный самолет Путина не долетел до места назначения: первые подробности ЧП

Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, July 2, at about 16.00 at run time a student of the third course of the next self-training flight on the route on the aircraft L-39 have any emergency situation. The pilot reported it to the management team of the flight and the decision was made to bailout. This was announced on the official website of Kharkiv national University of Air Force named after Ivan Kozhedub in Facebook

After the ejection and landing, the student independently contacted. His health is not in danger. Him urgently left the group search engines.

According to preliminary information the aircraft L-39 tail number 08 the engine failed. The plane crashed in a field near the village Starovirivka Kupyansk district in Kharkiv. No casualties were reported. Appointed a special Commission to investigate the cause of the accident.

Военный самолет Путина не долетел до места назначения: первые подробности ЧП

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The aircraft from the composition of the 203rd training aviation brigade held a major overhaul at the State enterprise “Chuguev aircraft repair plant” and in March 2014 was transferred to the part.

We will remind, in March of this year in Chuguev there was another state of emergency during the exercise aircraft. Then helicopter Mi-2-MSB aviation training brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine made an emergency landing in Chuguev the Kharkov region. Both crew members were not injured, reported the press center of command of Air forces of VSU.

The incident occurred at about 16:30 on Thursday, March 28. The reason of emergency landing is called problems in the control system. At the aircraft refused the steering wheel of the helicopter. The flight was carried out by the student under the guidance of the instructor. The latter took control and landed the helicopter at an unprepared site. The car received minor damage. There were no injuries.

We will remind, the plane crashed on the airport: “nobody survived”, all in black smoke.

As reported Politeka, the plane crashed in a terrible plane crash, miraculously survived one passenger.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the Russians failed to reach the resort due to an emergency on Board.