Military aircraft noticed over the peaceful Ukrainian city, I started to panic: frightening images

Военный самолет заметили над мирным украинским городом, началась паника: пугающие кадры

Military aircraft swept over the peaceful Ukrainian town and scare the locals

Thursday, August 15, residents of Nikolaev noticed right above the town of the su-25 attack aircraft, performed a fly by at extremely low altitude. Military aircraft swept right over the houses. This was announced on the news page of Nikolaev on Facebook.

The plane circling over the city, from 11 a.m. noticed in different parts of Nikolaev. Such a spectacle, and the accompanying hum of the jet engines of the attack was seriously scared of people.

The aircraft, staged a stir in the city, was the attack 299th tactical aviation brigade named the General-the Lieutenant Vasily Nikiforov, which is based in the territory of Nikolaev, in the residential district of Kulbakino. He made a training flight.

Военный самолет заметили над мирным украинским городом, началась паника: пугающие кадры Военный самолет заметили над мирным украинским городом, началась паника: пугающие кадры

Despite the initial panic, the residents were sympathetic to the training of pilots, who need to be ready to work in the city.

Earlier, we reported that the aircraft Boeing-738 of the Russian airline “Globus” received from Ukraerocentre permission to use the airspace of Ukraine in the area of responsibility of Lviv regional dispatch center.

As the press service of UkSATSE, the permission was granted on 7 August.

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It is noted that it provided because of the likelihood of an emergency during flight, which could arise due to storm clouds over Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

“The Russian vessel, which carried out the flight from the Italian city of Bari to Moscow was in the Ukrainian airspace 26 minutes”, — stated in the message.

UkSATSE recalled that under the decision of the State aviation service of Ukraine, the aircraft, including Russian, may be permitted in the airspace of Ukraine in emergency situations.

Also earlier it was reported that the flight of the Russian airline “S7 Airlines” violated the ban on flights over the territory of Ukraine. About the fact of violation of air space of Ukraine announced the Lvov photographer Oleg Yatskov, in the community of Avatarpic.

According to the Flightradar24 system, the Russian airliner took off from Italian Bari to Moscow, today, at 13.44 hours and about 15.00 flew into the airspace of Ukraine. Moreover, Boeing 737-8LP flew over the Lviv and Lutsk, and flew out of the Ukraine in the airspace of Belarus in the village of Butovo.

We will remind, the plane crashed near the airport: “nobody survived”.

As reported Politeka, Boeing Ukrainians flew to the Turkish resort.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin’s fighter jet crashed in the East of the country: the first details of the emergency.