Militants staged fighters APU mortar hell in the Donbas: force OOS feel loss

Боевики устроили бойцам ВСУ минометный ад на Донбассе: силы ООС считают потери

In the Donbas from the beginning of the day the invaders six times violated the ceasefire

Armed forces of the Russian Federation fired at the positions of our units with the 120 mm and 82 mm mortars, heavy anti-tank grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms.

All attacks recorded in the area of responsibility of tactical group “East”. The enemy shelled positions of our defenders:
twice with 120 and 82 mm mortars — near the village of Peski;
with heavy anti-tank granatomyot near the urban – type settlement Novotroitskoe;
twice from heavy machine guns and small arms near the settlements Lebedinskoye and mykolaivka;
with small arms near the village of Granite.

Боевики устроили бойцам ВСУ минометный ад на Донбассе: силы ООС считают потери

As a result of the shelling, two soldiers of joint forces were injured. On enemy provocations units of the United forces gave an adequate response. Enemy losses are being specified.

The situation in the area of operations of the combined forces remains under control.

The blogger with the nickname Necro Mancer said on Twitter about another “cargo 200” in a zone of armed conflict. The death of the fighter Sergei Turanica, known to the invaders under the Callsign “North”.

According to the author, the gunman was killed April 29 when unknown circumstances. Perhaps the reason for the death of 24-year-old Sergei Therenike will be known later. Meanwhile, the blogger posted pictures of the “North” of the social networks.

So in one of the photos a young man posing with a Kalashnikov rifle, a grenade in the grenade launcher and a sash of bullets around the neck. And on the other is depicted in the middle of the trench in military uniforms. Beside him stands another man in uniform. In the proof of the Necro Mancer has also led the review of the community, which reported the death of Sergei Therenice.

Боевики устроили бойцам ВСУ минометный ад на Донбассе: силы ООС считают потери

On the page of the traitor in the social network stated that he was born in the village of mykhailivka, near Gorlovka. And hometown indicated separatist “Novorossiya”.

Earlier, the APU fighters killed the gunman Eugene Native with the call sign “Nose”, a native from Horlivka. Separatist eliminated and sent to “team-200” 7 APR.

We will remind, the tragedy at the Donbass: Ukraine is washed in tears after the attack

As reported Politeka, truck APU blew in OOS: large losses, the details of the tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote that the APU punish the invaders for “mortar hell” in EP: “give teeth”, details the success.