Militants in the Donbass climbed on the APU and got the teeth: “Shoot from three sides”

Боевики на Донбассе полезли на ВСУ и получили по зубам: «Стреляют сразу с трех сторон»

Militants from the occupied areas of the Donbas “ran” for the Ukrainian soldiers when they tried to dislodge APU with occupied lines

About it reports “24 channel”.

“Enemy saboteurs have intensified near Avdeevka. See the Ukrainian army as Pro-Russian militants are trying to come close to the Ukrainian positions day and night, trying to dislodge the Armed forces of Ukraine with the occupied positions”, — is spoken in the message.

Боевики на Донбассе полезли на ВСУ и получили по зубам: «Стреляют сразу с трех сторон»

As told to the military of the 93rd brigade, “the Cold Yar” Oleg, the position of the enemy on the Yasynuvata interchange visible to the naked eye. From there, they shoot at the Ukrainian defenders.

“It is the position that the fire from three sides. Therefore, it is impossible to say where it will arrive”, — he said.

A similar opinion was expressed by his colleague on the team David.

“It happens that climb. You can see them at night using a thermal imager, as they run. Then you have to defend,” — he stressed.

As previously reported, the Donbas militants opened fire on Ukrainian troops twice in one day, which led to casualties.

Tonight, the militants violated the ceasefire. As a result of attacks by invaders suffered one of the Ukrainian military, the press service of the headquarters of the OSS.

All the strikes occurred in the operational-tactical group “East”, near the village of Sands point them fired from handheld antitank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. In addition, a group of soldiers were attacked with small arms near Avdeyevka.

“The enemy shelled positions of the combined forces from hand-held antitank grenade launchers and heavy machine guns near the settlement Peski with small arms — near Avdeevki”, — stated in the message.

As a result of shelling, one soldier of the United forces were injured. On the enemy’s provocations foreign troops returned fire, but the loss of the occupants is not yet known. At the headquarters of the situation in the Donbass is called controlled.

Боевики на Донбассе полезли на ВСУ и получили по зубам: «Стреляют сразу с трех сторон»

Recall, the Russian mercenaries are openly threatened the OSCE with weapons in the Donbas.

As reported Politeka, a film about the events in the Donbas has won a prestigious award in new York.

Politeka also wrote that the terrorist “DNR” told about the atrocities of the Russians in the Donbas.