Militants “DNR” catch teenagers with Ukrainian passports: “led into a private room and…”

Боевики "ДНР" отлавливают подростков с украинскими паспортами: "заводят в отдельную комнату и..."

Terrorists “DNR” catch teenagers with new Ukrainian passports

Local residents in social networks complain of terrorists of DNR. Occupants at checkpoints on the demarcation line fingerprinted and photographed in full face and profile of teenagers, mostly boys, reports

Боевики "ДНР" отлавливают подростков с украинскими паспортами: "заводят в отдельную комнату и..."

“In vitage ID card (Ukrainian ID-passport, you can get 14 years) there is no registration. As, however, now almost all children who live here and have a passport Ukrainian. Therefore, once brought into a separate room, filled out the form in the computer – where he lives, where he studied, etc. they took fingerprints and photo, told me to make the address reference in the “DNR” and to go with it,” writes the user Catherine.

At the same time, children who have not received the new Ukrainian passport, does not have these problems:

“I also have a son. And as we go, no one took fingerprints from it,” writes another user.

Local residents also noted in social networks that there is a relative reduction of queues at the checkpoint DND on the demarcation line. The biggest part is only in Gorlovka:

Боевики "ДНР" отлавливают подростков с украинскими паспортами: "заводят в отдельную комнату и..."

“4:40. Elenovka. In Ukraine – 20-25 cars”, “Elenovka. Arrived at 05:30, drove in the direction of Mariupol at 07:30 – fast”, “6:40. Kargil. From Donetsk the main queue of 10 cars on the bridge”, “8:35. Elenovka. Donetsk – before the police-10”, “8:50. Elenovka in Mariupol – 10-15 cars”, “Gorlovka. As of 09:05 on crossing of 150 cars, 15 buses and minibuses, up to 110 people from the queue,” write the users of social networks.

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