Militants blew up the car of the UN, there are victims “from cars left one frame”, the frames of the tragedy

Боевики взорвали машину ООН, есть жертвы: "от авто остался один каркас", кадры трагедии

The explosion occurred near a shopping center and as a result, in addition to victims, there are victims

In the city of Benghazi (Libya) tragedy. How to write foreign media, under car UN staff was the bomb. The result killed three people.

It is noted that the explosion occurred opposite a shopping centre and Bank. All the dead were guards of the Libyan UN mission.

Besides the dead, there are ten victims, among them children.

The incident happened on the background of the armistice in the capital, Tripoli.

Боевики взорвали машину ООН, есть жертвы: "от авто остался один каркас", кадры трагедииFrom cars left one frame

Gendercreator UN, antónio Guterres, called on the parties to respect the humanitarian ceasefire and to return to the negotiating table.

We will remind, this year in one day coincided two religious holidays: the Jewish — Tisha b’av and the Muslim Eid al-Adha. After the morning prayer on the Temple mount in Jerusalem (Israel) between Israelis and Palestinians the conflict occurred, and then the collision.

The participants of the clashes with the Muslim side threw stones at law enforcement officers and shouted provocative slogans.

The police decided to use tear gas. The clashes ended after the explosions of stun grenades.

According to some recent data, the resulting collision injured 18 people, 14 of them were hospitalized, and four were police officers. Media reports that among the victims also have children.

Police closed the mosque and restore order to the civil.

We will remind, in Russia held actions of solidarity. Detention started from Petersburg, where he recorded several violent arrests.

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Боевики взорвали машину ООН, есть жертвы: "от авто остался один каркас", кадры трагедии

In General, the Russian riot police arrested 325 people, among whom were children.

It is worth noting that in Moscow there were about 50 thousand people protesters chanted slogans against Putin.

In Moscow detention was launched after the chief of staff of the unregistered candidate Ivan Zhdanov asked people to move to the presidential Administration.

The rally was also seen stars of show business and bloggers — Dude, Oxxxymiron, awl from the group “Krovostok” and “FACE”. In particular, the first spoke out for fair elections. Oxxxymiron came in a t-shirt “Freedom to Zhukov.” He said that “everyone has their boiling point.”

Recall, the Russians had rebelled against Putin

And Politeka reported that the actor Ephraim battle with policemen Putin caused a stir in the network

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians mocked the cowardice of Russians during rallies in Moscow