Miley Cyrus first told how she was attacked by a crazy fan: “Violated freedom”

Майли Сайрус впервые рассказала, как на нее напал сумасшедший поклонник: "Нарушил свободу"

The famous singer has suffered at the exit of the hotel

At a time when the star left the hotel in Barcelona attacked the inadequacy of the crowds. American singer Miley Cyrus was scared seriously.

Video of the incident posted on his Twitter page by one of the admirers of the performer.

“Singer goes after her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth to the car. Suddenly, an unknown from the crowd grabs Miley by the hair”.

Crazed fan trying to pull the performer to yourself. It managed to push the guards. Miley Cyrus fright clung to the spouse.

The star itself long did not comment on the incident, but today for the first time decided to talk about it. On his page on the social network Twitter Miley Cyrus posted a video of the attack and wrote that no one should disturb her freedom.

“She can wear what she wants. She may be a virgin. She can sleep with five different people. She can be with her husband. It can be with his girlfriend. She can be naked. It cannot be missed without consent. Do not violate my freedom,” said Miley Cyrus.

As previously reported, the mother of Miley Cyrus has posted photos from the wedding of his daughter. Network users touched the pictures, they gladly wished a pair of happy life together. Mom Miley Cyrus posted photos from the wedding of his daughter with Liam Hemsworth, which took place on Sunday, December 23.

Майли Сайрус впервые рассказала, как на нее напал сумасшедший поклонник: "Нарушил свободу"

One of the photos Miley Cyrus standing next to her father, Billy ray Cyrus, singer in country style. Tish Cyrus has signed a second shot where she’s standing by her daughter and husband: “It makes me happy.”

Users were moved by the photos and happily covered them with greetings and compliments.

The news of the wedding surfaced recently and shocked the network. The singer actively leads his Instagram, which has about 76 million followers. After 10 years of a serious relationship, the couple decided on a wedding than pleased his fans, did not expect gentle picture in wedding dresses. Miley and signed photo: “10 years later”.

Майли Сайрус впервые рассказала, как на нее напал сумасшедший поклонник: "Нарушил свободу"

In just 13 hours, the news got about 6 million likes. In the comments the singer has been able to read many congratulations and wishes for a long and happy life together.

The culprit of all the turmoil in the social networks has become one of my friends Liam, previously published pictures on his page. They captured Liam in the classic for the groom attire – a white shirt with a black suit and on his lapel was adorned with the traditional wedding boutonniere. Miley, in turn, clothed in a bright dress, which looks too much like a wedding. The couple were holding the huge knife with which I had intended to cut the wedding cake.

Recall that Miley Cyrus has secretly removed the controversial video in Kiev.

As reported Politeka, there was a photo of what remains of the house of the famous singer: before and after Ada.

Politeka also wrote that Miley Cyrus decided to step sought nine years.