Mikhail Zhvanetsky’s time to say goodbye, “has cancelled all concerts”

С Михаилом Жванецким пора прощаться: «отменил все концерты»

Mikhail Zhvanetsky is forced to cancel all scheduled events and concerts

His Manager reshapes concert schedule and assures that the performances will be held, but later.

The fact that in March, the famous satirist broke his arm. Doctors, having examined the 85-year-old comedian, was horrified – very severe fracture. The doctors insisted on an urgent operation.

С Михаилом Жванецким пора прощаться: «отменил все концерты»

And after major surgery has been more than a month, and Zhvanetskiy still can not recover.

So, he had to participate in the International literary festival Prima Vista takes place in the Estonian city of Tartu. But the state of health of Mikhail Zhvanetsky at this festival will not.

As previously reported, people’s artist of Ukraine and Russia Mikhail Zhvanetsky, who recently received the order from the hands of Vladimir Putin, told how he lives in his old age.

Satirist, March 6 celebrated its 85th anniversary, admitted that it is visited by sad thoughts.

As he says Zhvanetsky, its theatrical history to reflect the situation in Russia. To old age, the artist comes philosophically. However, according to the satirist, from time to time it it’s getting sad thoughts about death.

“Age is such that sometimes these thoughts come. But I do think about it a little and infrequently. Basically, when they get sick and have to go to the doctor,” he says.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky also noted that now it is more interesting to create stories on difficult issues, and not on the topic of the day. He also is glad that he is still very grateful audience.

“The main thing that I earned for 85 years — good crowd. And it is all good: smart listening, hearing, understanding”, — said the satirist.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky also said that the highest joy is to see a full house. “This is a very refreshing artist. Recover immediately”, he concluded.

С Михаилом Жванецким пора прощаться: «отменил все концерты»

Earlier, Mikhail Zhvanetsky honest about life in Putin’s Russia. According to him, today in Russia is expensive almost everything, but the Russians continue to comfort themselves.

“Everything is expensive. Always console myself with: “worse, but still tolerable”. But I intuitively feel the buildup of something bad. See counting money in pockets… there Was a time when you didn’t know how much you have in your wallet. But now I must know,” he said.

We will remind, scandal with Zhvanetsky is gaining momentum: showered with threats.

As reported Politeka known comedian Zhvanetsky threatened in Ukraine: “I Must refuse”.

Also Politeka wrote, Zhvanetsky with the order of Putin appealed to Ukrainians: “I write.”