Mike Horn : “A wild state, it is finished” – Here

In a long interview that he comes to grant, Mike Horn announced that he would stop In the wild, its broadcast on M6. The adventurer has other ambitions today.

In the latest issue of Society, Mike Horn answers without a filter to the questions of our colleagues, who have decided to tease. When asked what he thinks objectively of Man VS Wild, the program of Bear Grylls which is adapted to its issuance in A wild state on M6, the adventurer did not hesitate a second to say that it is not a big fan : “Some of the advice given in Man VS Wild are practices. But when [Bear Grylls] kill a camel to sleep in its stomach because it is warmer, I find that it does a little in the sensational, points out Mike Horn. Bear Grylls, this is not an adventurer. He was in the SAS, a unit of the british armed forces, but it is never a party in the war… and Then, he became the presenter of a show that worked very well…”

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Aware that the wild was a simple adaptation of Man VS Wild, Mike Horn has made a radical decision. “Recently, I said : “I shall, thank you, ciao”. In A wild state, it is finished. I’ll come back with a program to me, an original format. M6 like the idea, I’m looking for just a producer. “His dream :” the true survival, something more authentic to the viewers. “If I do tv, he concludes, it is mainly to pay for my expeditions. Because they are more expensive than before, and that I have more money. “His fans are asking for it already on the social networks.

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