Microbiologists have developed a vaccine that 8 weeks detects and blocks HIV

Микробиологи разработали вакцину, которая за 8 недель распознает и блокирует ВИЧ

Scientists have dealt a powerful blow to HIV: experiment in mice given an unprecedented result, the virus was blocked

Scientists were able to achieve the desired reaction of the vaccine for antibodies in mice. Thanks to her immune system is now able to purposefully enhance the activity against HIV, says Khvylya.

Микробиологи разработали вакцину, которая за 8 недель распознает и блокирует ВИЧ

Us strategy for the development of a vaccine against HIV based on working with the Env protein. The virus uses to penetrate cells. This peptide is an effective target for the immune system and now scientists have been able to cope with major technical challenges for its use for the vaccine, according to the website the SCRIPPS Research Institute.

The team was able to apply the Env for different strains of HIV. The approach involves the use of nanoparticles instead of isolated proteins Env. As a result, the vaccine triggers a stronger immune response, and does it much faster, say the authors.

Микробиологи разработали вакцину, которая за 8 недель распознает и блокирует ВИЧ

In experiments with mice, scientists have shown that the vaccine is identified antibodies in eight weeks. As a result, these antibodies neutralized HIV strains.

Previous vaccine candidates could not cope with such a task, clarify the scientists.

Earlier, a similar positive effect was shown in experiments with rabbits. Currently being tested on monkeys. Scientists are testing three experimental vaccines.

Thanks to science to identify HIV infection at home without going through traditional procedures.

American technologists have developed a special application for smartphones, which can be used to detect HIV infection without going through traditional procedures.

The developers say that thanks to the program, the risks of infection at the time of analysis will be reduced, additionally, you will be able to identify the virus at an early stage.

The usual method of diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus suggests the use of the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Thanks to a new method to diagnose the disease can be with the help of nanotechnology, microchiping, smartphones and applications have been developed, whose main function is the search for the nucleic acids RNA virus in just one drop of blood.

The program creates and explores additional copies of the nucleic acids of HIV, by monitoring the movement of DNA-treated granules. It does not involve large and expensive devices.

The probability that the device could be wrong, is 0.09 %. During the conducted research the application detects HIV in 99.1 % of cases for the entire 60 minutes. The cost of application of the microchip mounting phone and reagents for less than 5 $.

In the future, developers plan to create a similar utility to detect other viruses and bacteria.

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