Michel Sardou is against the sexual consent at 13 years old, and he explains why – Here

70-year-old, Michel Sardou is still very current. And when the minister of Justice wants to lower the age of sexual consent to 13 years old, it makes him angry for a very good reason.

If it is removed from the musical life, Michel Sardou has not said its last word. Last week, annoyed by rumours about the children he has had outside of marriage, the singer grew a big rant. “It tells the story of my life sometimes as if I was dead. So much so that this morning, I looked at myself in the ice to see if I was really alive… “, admitted it, then to TV Mag.

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And he has not finished bitching, Michel Sardou. Always very concerned by the news that inspired many of his songs, this time is another topic that revolt the interpreter of France. The government and the minister of Justice want to move the age of sexual consent from 16 to 13 years.

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“Here, for example, that shocks me, it is fix the age of consent to a sexual act at age 13. My granddaughter is 13 years old ! I don’t want to, me ! It is a baby, that is what she will agree to sleep with a guy ?, he explains in an interview with the AFP. I don’t write more songs. But the next would have been on it ! “

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