Michel Parnia: time travel

apres-quelques-annees-recherche-ecriture(Granby) can be both Cartesian and highly fanciful. Michel Parnia is living proof. The mechanical engineer retired just published The Mystery of Gunburg, he calls adventure novel, philosophical and fantastic.

True it comes to many things in this Mystery of Gunburg, published last month. On inheritance, time travel, parallel worlds and life cycle, including. “We are far in the past or in the future,” writes besides the author in his preface.

To live all these concepts, the author has built an impressive gallery of characters – Daniel Argoll, Palino, Fusat Bobby Hanna, Ali and company – whose fates will intersect in a series of incidents over several centuries.

But where does this idea? “In 2012, I came across an article in which it was mentioned that scientists from the University of Oxford had proved the existence of parallel worlds. It’s been the trigger, “says Michel Parnia.

The latter is then set to work. “It took a lot of documentation and a diagram for all this is yours,” added the 69 year old man, adding that his wife made sure that everything is perfect for editing.

But Mr. Parnia not that talent for writing. The pages of the book are full of many beautiful illustrations taken directly from his imagination and his hand. Because he saw, he said, his story as a film and to facilitate reading.

Despite its highly developed scientific fiber, the art world has always attracted. “I love the arts. If I had not been an engineer, I would have been a basketball player or musician! ”

Man of the world

Romanian by birth, intellectual and polyglot, this political refugee has lived and worked all over the world. Its fascinating past is not without tinting his work, full of technical and geographical references.

“I wanted to mix people of all conditions, all religions and all around one thing: friendship. At the end of the book, I have them all grouped around Daniel. ”

When asked to whom his book, Mr. Parnia hesitates. “If we disregard the theory and technology, we could put the young adults radius …”

In this imaginary world, Sheffordois seems to have found a vein that is not about to dry up. In the last line of the Mystery of Gunburg Michel Parnia leaves the door wide open for a sequel. Faced with this possibility, he smiled like a little boy. “It will be called In Search of Palino and history will happen in Argentina …”

We will not know more!

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