Michel Onfray plate, The release Policy : it was not going to be paid to respond Here

Michel Onfray who should be involved in The Issuance Policy of France 2 will finally not be part of the adventure.

After the departure of David Pujadas of France 2, The Emission Policy of the chain will finally on Thursday, September 28, with a few adjustments, still version monthly. Léa Salamé, who was already to the side of the journalist will now be alone at the bar. It will, however, always accompanied by Natahlie Saint-Cricq, of Jean-Baptiste Hammer and François Lenglet for appointment usual : “the face-to-face policy “, ” the face-to-face with the French “, “the unexpected guest” and the documentary ” without a net “. For the first, it was Prime minister Edouard Philippe, who will throw himself in the arena.

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Small new feature : in the second part of the evening, The Issuance Policy, the following will propose a decryption about the guest policy in the company of philosophers and essayists of reputations. One of them had to be Michel Onfray in which the production was proposed to be involved in a regular column, and to ” bring his eye on the news. “

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However, this Monday, the intellectual 58-year-old has denied the information. In an email sent to TV Magazine, he explained the reasons for the cancellation, and they are simple. “The production not having expected neither contract nor remuneration, I did not follow this adventure,” said Michel Onfray in the document. It was curious then that she decides to call on experts outside of their promo period and on a monthly basis without any form of compensation…

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