Michel Leeb is back on the controversy around his sketches and deplores “a change of era” – Here

On the occasion of his 40 years of career, Michel Leeb is back on the sketches that have marked his life.

Michel leeb is celebrating its 40 years of career. Known mainly for skits, including racial minorities, it has always assumed that form of humor which has remained the same throughout his long career. Because despite his success, the comedian has also been subject of violent criticism. Some of his sketches in particular, were denounced as embodying racist clichés.

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Tour anniversary until April, Michel Leeb will be this evening in the Leeb Show, on C8. A program which reserves many surprises and will be rich in surprises. In a long interview dedicated to the Figaro, he revealed that his sketch “The african” will not be part of his show on C8 : “I do not do that in this show anniversary because the sketch is too long for television. But, I don’t forbid anything, I still play it on stage. There is no reason for it to be otherwise. I have total freedom. Also, I will not hesitate to embody The “Chinese Tourist” Saturday night “, he said to our colleagues.

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During this interview, Michel Leeb is also entrusted on freedom of expression in France. According to him, comedians are today restricted : “It has changed with time and it is a shame. Today, it is necessary to pay attention to everything they say. Thierry Ardisson was not wrong when he denounced this system. Freedom of expression is part of our philosophy, our ethics, our morals… we need to leave. From the moment you injure someone, I don’t see why we censurerait. It just needs to know his limits. The freedom of some stops where begins that of the others. Respect for others should always take precedence, ” he concluded.

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