Mic-Mac inaugurates Funny masks

christian-roberge-instigateur-projet-celineMic-Mac Roberval inaugurated Monday, his artwork Funny masks. The famous theater company 50 years this year.

The imposing steel sculpture embellishes the front of the Cultural Center Street Menard, in Roberval. “It will leave memories of that memorable year. It is part of the traces we wanted to leave, “said the president of the organizing committee of the festival committee, Celine Gagnon.

“We are blessed. All the activities we have organized to date have been successful. We received the Quebec Federation of Amateur Theatre this weekend for the gala Harlequins who rarely moves in a more remote area. We had a very good turnout. ”

The instigator of the artwork is Christian Roberge, president of Mic-Mac theater. His achievement was headed by Philip Harvey of the company Bois Beemer. “I prepared a model and the committee agreed. Then I went to meet Philip. Allowed to go in there. This work is majestic and we did not expect such a result, “shared Mr. Roberge.

Funny masks is new theater masks representing comedy as the drama. It showcases the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. “These masks have the theater. They are new. Nine theater masks. They are shaped like shields, which means they protect the culture and the theater. They defend the arts and French language, “added the Robervalois.

“Innovation, stability, performance and innovation are synonyms that represent very well the Mic-Mac. This structure will beautify Roberval. It’s very pretty and very strong, “said Mayor Guy Larouche.

The work will be erected permanently. A lighting system has been designed to put the evening in value.

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