Merkel impressed everyone with a new outfit for an important meeting: “Mrs. red”

Меркель поразила всех новым нарядом на важной встрече: "фрау в красном"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to an important political meeting in a bright way

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It is worth noting that with the arrival of spring Merkel is trying to appear in public only in bright images. However, her costume is always the same – a collarless jacket and black pants, a politician changes a color of the jackets.

Меркель поразила всех новым нарядом на важной встрече: "фрау в красном"

For example, after a meeting with the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may, to which Merkel has been in a rich blue jacket, she decided to continue the trend. The next meeting the leader of Germany already changed the color of the jacket in the warmer.

For a business meeting with the President of Burkina Faso Rock Marc Christian kaboré, the German Chancellor wearing black classical trousers and a bright red blazer with light buttons. Of the ornaments on the neck of Angela Merkel once again we see her chosen silver jewelry, and shoes – comfortable black shoes.

Меркель поразила всех новым нарядом на важной встрече: "фрау в красном"

Earlier it was reported that the well-known 44-year-old fashion designer Victoria Beckham continues to surprise fans with their simple but stylish outfits. This time the new edgy Victoria lit up at the airport in new York. On the eve of Victoria Beckham showed fans how to wear stylish pantsuits. Despite this, upon arrival in the men’s fashion week, which will take place in new York very soon, the fashion designer decided to wear all the same dress. The wife of the famous football player was spotted at the airport in a stylish but simple manner. 44-year-old Victoria at this time, wearing your favorite black leather pants, which often appears in public, and a white turtleneck.

This way the designer added a beige coat with a white collar-stand, which I prefer to leave unfastened. In order not to attract too much attention, Victoria Beckham wearing sunglasses. However, the main emphasis in her way of steel and white court shoes with a heel.

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As reported Politeka, fans harshly criticized a new image, Aguilera.

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