Merkel decided on a sudden move after the attacks: that explains a lot

Меркель решилась на неожиданный шаг после приступов: это многое объясняет

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has forced officials to change the Protocol to avoid a new attack

It is reported by Die Welt.

Thus, the Protocol of the meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen has decided to change women listened to the national anthem while sitting.

“Protocol of the event have changed, because at the insistence of Merkel. On the pedestal usually where the leaders stood listening to the hymns, has established two white chair” — stated in the message.

As previously reported, Angela Merkel became ill again. It happened on Wednesday, July 10, during a meeting with Prime Minister of Finland Antti Rinne in Berlin. 64-year-old Merkel suddenly began to tremble violently, right in front of the cameras of journalists. Video from the event is seen as Merkel stands and shakes near the head of the Finnish government, and then invites him to pass on.

Later in the press service of the German government announced that the planned talks with Merkel, Prime Minister of Finland continued according to plan. The government representative refused to answer the question of whether Merkel a medical examination in connection with fits of shivering.

We will add, for the first time Merkel strange shaking during an official reception on 18 June at a meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in Berlin. Then the politician explained his state of dehydration. According to Angela Merkel, she came to normal only after drinking several glasses of water.

Second time this happened on 27 June during a meeting with the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Then it refused brought a glass of water.

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It should be noted that the third attack, at a meeting with Prime Minister of Finland, lasted about a minute and was weaker than the previous.

Itself German Chancellor Angela Merkel said earlier that with her health is all right, she hoped that the seizures tremors will soon disappear. She spoke about it during the G20 summit in Osaka. Merkel said he feels fine and has no serious health problems.

We will remind, it became known what actually Zelensky said Merkel.

As reported Politeka, Merkel suddenly made a promise Zelensky: “It’s very important.”

Also Politeka wrote that Merkel and the Makron has dealt a merciless blow to Putin over Ukraine.