Mercenaries Putin made a real mess in the center of Moscow: “welcome to the 90s”

Наемники Путина устроили настоящее месиво в центре Москвы: «добро пожаловать в 90-е»

Russian security officers in Moscow broke up a large-scale massacre, which was attended by several dozen people

This is reported by Russian media.

“Something fashionable, something out of fashion, but something forever. In Moscow broke up a mass brawl involving 50 people. The battle between the two groups on the street Zolotorozhsky shaft happened tonight. In the red corner, people from neighboring countries, in blue — came from the South of Russia. However the fun was interrupted by the Metropolitan police — came in the midst, tied 35 fighters”, — is spoken in the message.

Наемники Путина устроили настоящее месиво в центре Москвы: «добро пожаловать в 90-е»

In the brawl, five people were in hospital beds. One of the participants of the fight was in intensive care, doctors assess his condition as serious.

As previously reported, during a rally in Moscow law enforcers detained a man with disabilities.

The video shows two security officers holding the guy with the disability, and lead him in the direction of paddy wagons. The indignant eyewitnesses filmed the events on their gadgets and shouted at the security forces: “let the disabled person do not disgrace!”.

We will remind, according to the calculations of the volunteer project “White counter” to the authorities permitted a rally on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow on Saturday was attended by up to 60 thousand persons. On the stock throughout Russia arrested 325 people.

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From mid-July in Moscow held a protest action which participants demand to allow independent candidates for elections to the city Duma. Police and Regardie rigidly dispersed demonstrators. Two events held on July 27 and August 3, were arrested at least a thousand people.

Due to protests initiated several criminal cases: the obstruction of the activities of election commissions of Moscow and “Moscow business” about the riots.

As previously reported, on August 3 in Moscow held a large rally, which gathered a huge number of people. This was the security forces who were seized and taken away in their cars as directly as participants and journalists and passers-by, who at the time was in the center of the city.

Наемники Путина устроили настоящее месиво в центре Москвы: «добро пожаловать в 90-е»

Recall, the stars of the Russian show-business has risen up against Putin

And Politeka wrote that the Russians had rebelled against Putin

Also Politeka reported that Putin’s henchmen take the child activists