Menopause: Playing sports would reduce hot flashes

The signs of menopause have become unbearable? Hot flushes, weight gain … The solution might be physical activity. A study by the University of Granada (Spain) published in Menopause , showed that doing regular sports helps to lose weight but also to alleviate hot flushes .

Menopause is a major hormonal upset in women that causes weight gain, headaches and mood disorders. Women would take an average of 500 grams per year because of the fall in estrogen that causes an increase in appetite and a change in fat distribution.

The researchers followed 234 postmenopausal women, aged 45-64 years, sedentary for at least one year and who joined a 20-week physical activity program. At the end of this study, the volunteers lost a little weight and their cardio-metabolic capacities improved. But in addition, this regular physical exercise has helped reduce hot flushes and mood swings.

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