Menopause: how to overcome the unpleasant symptoms of menopause

Климакс: как преодолеть неприятные симптомы менопаузы

It is quite normal that with time the activity of our body decreases and ceases to produce certain hormones. These changes are the harbinger of entry into the period of menopause. Learn more about menopause and the symptoms that accompany it. Magicforum have collected all the important, you need to know about menopause.

Menopause is not a disease — it’s a natural process that occurs in the body of every Mature woman. This is due to the loss of reproductive activity and complete cessation of ovarian. This stage of life is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms that have a significant impact on the daily lives of women. However, menopause symptoms can be removed at home naturally!

Learn more about the female menopause, its causes and symptoms. The more you know about your body and the mechanisms that govern it, the easier it is to control the storm of hormones and fight off unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

The most frequent bouts of menopause

How to recognize the first symptoms of menopause? With the approach of menopause violated female menstrual cycle, usually irregular. Over several months or years, they completely disappear, and the woman loses ability to bear a child.

Reproductive activity may disappear before the appearance of irregularities in menstrual cycles. But many women are fertile even before the last menstrual cycle.

Menopause is the time when the body experiences significant hormonal changes that greatly affect the welfare and quality of daily life of women. The most common symptoms of menopause are:

•Hot flashes

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•Weight loss or just the opposite — uncontrollable weight gain

•Heart palpitations

•Frequent headaches and back pain

•Weakness of the body and constant fatigue


•Constipation and diarrhea

•Sensitivity and soreness of the nipples

•Mood swings, hysteria and other nervous disorders

The above symptoms of menopause occur almost every women. Their intensity and duration can vary in individual cases. However, as a rule, every woman sooner or later faces with them.

•One of the most common and most annoying symptoms of menopause, undoubtedly, are the tides. They occur already in the period preceding menopause, when women still have menstruation. They are a signal of entry into the perimenopausal period, which usually lasts about 3-4 years immediately preceding menopause. It can last up to five years after the end of menstruation.

•Hot flashes can occur at any time of the day or night. Most often, they occur at night and are characterized by a sharp increase in body temperature, especially in the upper parts of the body — around the chest, neck and face.

•Hot flashes usually last from 2 to 5 minutes, and are accompanied by excessive sweating and palpitations. Because they often occur at night, they become the source of sleep disorders, tiredness and increased anxiety.

Causes of menopause

Why menopause occurs? Menopause is a natural process in a woman’s life. In its life cycle, there comes a time when the reproductive organs stop working, and therefore the period of fertility ends, and the woman can’t be any offspring.

Menopause usually lasts between 40 and 50. In some cases, menopause can occur much earlier. This is a separate problem.

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Depending on the body, symptoms may be more or less irritating, the woman may feel better or worse. Therefore, each menopause is an individual thing. However, as a rule, this period lasts from one to two years.

Menopause symptoms — how to deal with them?

What to do if you began menopause? Below is a list of habits that will make life easier for women going through the menopause. In addition, they will improve your overall health, mood and well-being.

•Regularly perform light work (e.g. gardening, cooking, shopping, etc.)

•Daily outdoor activities (Hiking, camping, Cycling, swimming, running, yoga, etc.)

•Proper daily dose of rest and good sleep

•Use of healthy and balanced diet

Menopause is also characterized by changes in sexual life. To combat excessive dryness of the vagina, use a lubricant. Thanks to them you will avoid irritation and unnecessary pain during intimacy with a partner.

Also try to do special exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor — they will prevent the embarrassing problem of incontinence.

Contrary to popular belief, the end of menstrual cycles in women does not mean the end of her sexual life. Mature ladies can also get great joy from love. Moreover, the woman dedicates herself to love spontaneously, without limitation, because it does not threaten an unplanned pregnancy.

Herbs that can help relieve the symptoms of menopause

1. A decoction of cloves

Clove contains high amounts of isoflavones, a kind of phytoestrogens that naturally ease the symptoms of menopause. They perfectly fight with the tides and relieve tension.

•Boil water. When it starts boiling, add a teaspoon of clove and cook for another 3 minutes. Cool.

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•Consume the decoction 3 times a day before each main meal.

2. Sprouts of alfalfa

Frequent consumption of alfalfa is highly recommended for women during menopause. They are phytoestrogens, i.e. plant hormones that help to relieve menopause symptoms.

Sprouts alfalfa is not only help natural way to combat hot flashes, but also prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, and strengthen muscles and joints.

•Pour water in a pan, add sprouts of alfalfa and bring to a boil.

•When water begins to boil, remove the infusion from heat and leave it to cool.

•At the end, strain through a sieve and drink in the evenings, preferably before bedtime.

3. An infusion of cardamom seeds

Cardamom is another medicinal plant that helps women during menopause. As in the examples above, this spice is a rich source of phytoestrogens, which greatly facilitate the symptoms of menopause.

•When water begins to boil, turn off the heat and add the chopped grains of cardamom. Leave to cook for about 10 minutes.

•Drink an infusion of cardamom twice a day, morning and evening.


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