Men on the note: scientists call unexpected cure for cancer

Мужчинам на заметку: ученые назвали неожиданное средство от рака

To defend against men’s cancer can be, if you follow the advice of scientists

Substances contained in coffee is able to slow the growth of malignant tumors in the prostate gland. To such conclusion the research made by experts from the Japanese Kanazawa University, Kanazawa.

According to scientists, in the composition of the drink based on coffee beans are two substances that are able to deal with malignant tumors. This kahweol and cafestol. And men coffee drinkers, about 11% less likely to suffer from a terrible disease.

Мужчинам на заметку: ученые назвали неожиданное средство от рака

As the researchers note, kahweol and cafestol can significantly slow down the development of even the hardest types of cancer of the prostate. Less stable types of cancer cells were destroyed in the first hours after the beginning of observations.

According to scientists, whose findings were presented at the Congress of the European Association of urology, held in Berlin, this is the first steps in studying the effect of coffee on cancer. In the case of positive results of experiments, the researchers will begin the development of drugs from hitting the prostate.

We will note, earlier we wrote that there is a drink that brings women to the stroke.

Scientists from the Medical College of albert Einstein in the Bronx (USA) found a correlation indicating that consumption of diet soda and sweet (fruit) juice is associated with an increased risk of stroke among women aged postmenopausal. The results of their study published in the journal Stroke.

The researchers came to the conclusion that drinking diet soda and juices Mature women, correlated with the disturbances caused by clogged arteries, especially the smaller ones. In favor of this conclusion are the results of analytical work, during which experts studied the information about 81 714 women aged 50-79 years, which is almost 12 years old were monitored.

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Мужчинам на заметку: ученые назвали неожиданное средство от рака

Scholars interested in the factor of drinking low-calorie diet soda that contains artificial sweeteners. They found: compared with women who drink a soda once a week or not use it at all, women who drink two or more cans of soda per day, subject to incidence of stroke, heart attack, and premature mortality.

We will remind, named drinks that afflict the stomach.

As reported Politeka named product, protect from colds and fatigue: “it is Useful for children and adults.”

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