memorable tribute to Michael Jackson

trompetiste-sean-jones-sfjazz-collectiveSeptember formidable musicians who seize Michael Jackson directory for the hack and offer jazz versions of his greatest hits.

A memorable evening at the Ottawa Jazz Festival with the SFJAZZ Collective who was able to delight the spectators.

From the first notes on vibes (Warren Wolf), we come to recognize Human Nature, the song immediately taking a jazz tone, punctuated by long flights who deserve the applause of many heartfelt festival, sitting comfortably in their chairs. Just denatured, the melody will return here and there, just to remind us that this is indeed an air of the “King of Pop”.

This is the clip that will kick off at Rock with you, Robin Eubanks leading the pace of a master hand, pushed by his faithful sidekicks, their almost palpable complicity undoubtedly doing their strength. And what better to accompany the admiring interjections of a visibly happy crowd of otherwise rediscover songs that continue to influence generations.

“Good evening everyone, we are happy to be in Ottawa launches Matt Penman, bass, and then acknowledge the contributions of his followers and that of Mother Nature who takes these days its finery. The last time we came to the region, was in February. Never again ! “Fusing laughter from all sides.

Founded in 2004 in San Francisco, training revisits every year an artist directory, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder being some examples.

Experienced musicians have also presented their own compositions, each going there a long virtuoso solo on trumpet (Sean Jones), piano (Edward Simon), battery (Obed Calvaire) and saxophone ( Davis Sanchez), and which we could appreciate the performance in close-up on the giant screen. Lineage, which stretched for several minutes, the visitors won.

Obviously, one could imagine an evening tribute to Michael Jackson Thriller without the rhythmic adaptation proving just as catchy and infectious as the original, to the delight of some children who were eager to do some “moonwalk . “Why came conclude this exciting journey into the world of Michael Jackson and SSJAZZ Collective appropriated with subtlety and talent.

The Group welcomed the last time the public with This Place Hotel, a room of their own that like others, has skillfully bridges two worlds, pop and jazz.

Coming up tonight at 20 pm at the National Arts Centre, Banda de Los Muertos, a Brooklyn band that fuses traditional Mexican styles with jazz and in a completely different note, 20: 30 pm on the big stage, pop singer Sarah McLachlan.

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