Melania Trump: The White House has forbidden her to follow the same route as Brigitte Macron in Brussels

Queen Mathilde of Belgium had planned a full program for visiting First Ladies, but Melania Trump was unable to honor all the stages because of White House directives.
The NATO summit in Brussels provided an opportunity for Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron to meet for the first time. They and other spouses of heads of state or government were able to get to know and visit the capital of Belgium in accordance with the program established by Queen Mathilde. It has planned a series of outings in places emblematic of culture and fashion. Delvaux, which specializes in luxury leather goods, opened its doors to this small group of dignitaries. But Melania Trump was not. She did not honor the invitation, even though the American secret services passed the spot over a few hours before the visit. The reason for his absence? The White House said no.
As a source told wishing to remain anonymous to the Hollywood Reporter, ” the administration no longer wants to do Melania commercial theme tour, only appearances related charities or child .” For reasons of image, we will no longer see Melania Trump parade in the world of luxury. It must be said that her regrets about missing out on millions of dollars because of her status as a president’s wife had been very badly seen.
White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham warned that Melania Trump did not jump to her peers without warning: ” She never canceled anything at the last minute,” she said. insisted. It is customary for the secret services and a team to visit every stage that could be on the First Lady’s agenda – without implying that the stage is confirmed – and indeed it defines its schedule only, After having the report of these teams. Instead of visiting Delvaux House, Melania Trump officially met with the staff of the American Embassy in Brussels (where she and her husband resided anyway during their stay). And on the same day, Melania Trump took the pose surrounded by children in a hospital and published these photos on Instagram. No luxury bag, therefore, but warm exchanges with patients: according to us, Melania Trump has lost nothing at the change.

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