Meghan Markle he got himself in trouble with Queen Elizabeth II before the wedding with Prince Harry: “everything she wants”

Меган Маркл вляпалась в скандал с Елизаветой II перед свадьбой с принцем Гарри: «все, что хочет»

Meghan Markle showed quarrelsomeness character even before her marriage with Prince Harry

Moreover, ex-American actress has managed to quarreling with Queen Elizabeth II.

There is information on the first conflict of the controversial wife of Prince Harry with Queen Elizabeth II. It happened before the wedding, Megan and Harry, and the dispute centered on a unique tiara with the emeralds, Megan wanted to wear to my wedding, the magazine writes the Sun.

Меган Маркл вляпалась в скандал с Елизаветой II перед свадьбой с принцем Гарри: «все, что хочет»

But Queen Elizabeth II did not allow her.

Prince Harry stood up for the bride and told her grandmother that Megan always gets what he wants. But Elizabeth II replied that Markle will get another tiara.

In the end, Megan the wedding day with Prince Harry had a different wedding jewelry tiara in the style of art Deco with diamonds.

“Megan wanted a tiara with the emeralds, but received response that cannot wear to a wedding. Was a very heated debate that forced the Queen to talk to Prince Harry. Elizabeth II said that Megan cannot have everything he wants. In the end, she gives her jewelry. Her Majesty also asked the question: why Megan took the veil, if we consider that marriage to Harry for a second”, – told the British tabloid insider in the Royal Palace.

Earlier we wrote that Elizabeth II will no longer pay for the wedding, members of the Royal family. Thus the Queen has broken a long-standing British tradition.

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Most unlucky Princess Beatrice is the last unmarried granddaughter Elizabeth. The girl was going to marry a millionaire Italian Edoardo Mapelli of Mozzi, and because of this huge scandal.

First, the choice of Princess Beatrice was already married and has a son, and secondly, Elizabeth flatly refused to pay for the wedding of young people. Now they will have to arrange a magnificent celebration for its own account.

Меган Маркл вляпалась в скандал с Елизаветой II перед свадьбой с принцем Гарри: «все, что хочет»

Note that in recent years, the British had to fork out on two Royal weddings. Wedding Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank cost taxpayers two million pounds sterling, and for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to pay a fantastic sum – $ 32 million.

The inhabitants of Britain didn’t want to spend money on these weddings. People even created a petition against this waste of public money.

Recall, Meghan Markle discouraged a statement about the child, the sensation began.

As reported Politeka, Meghan Markle has changed dramatically and frightened appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that Meghan Markle has sharply lost and went out in public dressed in black