Meghan Markle hate everything, “trying to make the show”

Меган Маркл возненавидели все: «пытается сделать шоу»

Former American actress Meghan Markle for a year as he lives in the UK after marriage with Prince Harry, but has not gained any love or popularity at court

Hated it as a staff and notable personalities.

“I think that she is unpopular in many circles. All due to the fact that they love Harry and seem to think that Meghan Markle is trying to make a show”, openly told the media the Royal biographer Angela Levin.

Меган Маркл возненавидели все: «пытается сделать шоу»

Oil poured into the fire, and editor of the popular edition of Vanity Fair Vanessa Grigoriadis.

The woman noted that Markle personality “extraordinary” and remembered that from her terrified escape all the helpers. According to Grigoriadis, Duchess too picky to the staff and satisfied with unfounded hysteria.

As previously reported, former friend of Megan Markle declassified private conversations, which related to private life of the Duchess .

TV presenter Lizzie Kandi admitted that Megan for several years talked about wanting to meet a Brit. And after she married and became the Duchess of Sussex ended in Kandy.

Prince Harry and his wife have repeatedly told reporters that he met on a blind date, which were arranged by a mutual friend. There were also rumours that Megan Markle liked Harry even before acquaintance, as he was a fan of the series “Force majeure”, where she played a major role.

But a friend of Megan’s said another version of this love story. According to her, immediately after her divorce from her first husband, Megan began to search a decent life partner.

Меган Маркл возненавидели все: «пытается сделать шоу»

Actress and TV presenter who became friends in 2013, created a General chat, which was a few of their common friends. In their reports, says Kandy, the current Duchess has repeatedly talked about the desire to meet any “famous British”, she was still someone.

Soon, Meghan Markle began to communicate with Matt Cardle who won the X-Factor show in 2010. Note that he also was British.

And after a few months, the network blasted the rumors about her romance with Prince Harry.

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