Meghan Markle dealt with the nanny of her son: “do not stand”

Меган Маркл расправилась с няней сына: «не выдержала»

Because of that little character Meghan Markle dolyublivayu at the Royal court

And once again the wife of Prince Harry confirmed that she is very flighty and whimsical person.

From Duchess escaped another assistant – nurse her little son. The nurse, apparently, set a record. The nature of Markle, she was able to tolerate only two weeks, writes the British edition of New Idea.

Меган Маркл расправилась с няней сына: «не выдержала»

The woman was hired in the Royal family to help a young mother is not finalized even before the end of the trial period.

The insider reports that Meghan Markle about her firstborn just fanatical. And does not allow anyone to take it in hand. Not that nanny, and even her mother Doria of Ragland.

Megan seeks to control every move your child, do not want any help and just goes crazy, when the baby is someone, not her.

Apparently, for this reason, after the birth of the first Archie ran away from home Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Doria of Ragland.

Rumor has it that Megan allowed the mother to keep the boy for a few minutes until he took a shower and then immediately took away the child.

The mother of the Duchess flew in from California, where she lives and works, three months before childbirth to help daughter. And here even the kid was less than a month, and the woman already saw at home in America, walking their dogs.

But Megan Egan all relied on the mother prior to birth did not hire any nanny, or cook for a newborn son. Besides, Dukes has even allocated a few rooms in the house for Doria.

But if the mother is unable to bear the character of the daughter, to say nothing about an assistant.

As previously reported, Meghan Markle for a year as he lives in the UK after marriage with Prince Harry, but has not gained any love or popularity at court. Hated it as a staff and notable personalities.

Меган Маркл расправилась с няней сына: «не выдержала»

“I think that she is unpopular in many circles. All due to the fact that they love Harry and seem to think that Meghan Markle is trying to make a show”, openly told the media the Royal biographer Angela Levin.

Earlier we wrote that Meghan Markle has an unusual talent by which she at one time made a living. It turns out, before meeting Prince Harry, she worked as a specialist in calligraphy.

37-year-old Duchess of Sussex earlier part-time worked in the company Paper Source, where he gave lessons on the art of writing. At the same time she was trying to become an actress and went to various auditions.

“She worked part-time while auditioned for the role”, – told reporters CEO Vinny Park.

Recall that Prince Harry tried baby bodysuit: “very happy.”

As reported Politeka, Elizabeth II after the birth of Megan Markle amazed audiences by appearing with his son

Also Politeka reported that Kate Middleton dislike Meghan Markle.