Meeting dogs and plastic ducks got on Google maps

Встреча собаки и пластиковой утки попала на карты Google

Network user under the nickname rizape204 found on Google Maps meeting the dog and duck near the pond. A post published on Reddit emigrate.

“Accidentally walked into a Street View mode in Google Maps and found these Bros hanging out at the river,” said rizape204. Judging by the screenshot, the photo was taken in the U.S. state of North Dakota.

Attentive visitors imageboard quickly noticed that the duck is not real. If you look closely, you can see the black pin, which is fixed to the bird. Connoisseurs hunt explained that the plastic duck is bait for these birds. When they arrive to the pond, they will be easier to shoot.

This explanation has arranged not all. “You stupid, this dog is unreal”, — joked by other users.

Some commentators and even questioned the authenticity of the picture. They wondered why the Google car that takes pictures for the map service, was near the river.

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