Medvedchuk: Ukraine should become a bridge between EU and Russia

Медведчук: Украина должна стать мостом между Евросоюзом и Россией

The Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk said that Ukraine should be a bridge between the European Union and Russia

“I’ve always been a proponent of the view that Europe should build here. I was a supporter of what is written in the Association Agreement with the European Union. But I was categorically opposed, then and now, signing a free trade zone with the EU, which is detrimental, in fact, destroyed the economy of Ukraine in these four years. Or, to be precise, it was signed in the 2014 year, and came into effect on 1 January 2016”, — the politician said in the program “Epicenter of Ukrainian politics” on NEWSONE.

However, he noted that what is happening in the EU and what is happening today in Ukraine, it’s the North side. “I thought that we can’t enter into a free trade zone with the EU, because you have to give just a few indicators: labour productivity in the EU is 4-6 times higher than in Ukraine; support for agriculture in Ukraine was 6% in 2013-2014, today’s 1%, while in Europe an average of 40%; the value of money, discount rate of the national banks and the loans — there’s a half-two percent, we is 18%; and much more. Innovation policy, investment policy. This disparate things. The fairway, which is Ukraine’s economy — the free trade zone with the EU is destroying our country”, — said the politician.

In his opinion, Ukraine should be a bridge between the EU and the East, Russia and CIS countries. “Bridge of economic cooperation, best bridge for Ukraine. Because when we talk about Ukraine, we must, first and foremost, proceed from our interests, domestic, state, interests of our people, not to pay tribute tribute to fashion”, — says Medvedchuk.

He added that the political position of the party “Opposition platform For life” are well known: a radical change of economic course of Ukraine. “We believe that we must be a bridge between EU and Russia and the CIS countries. We believe that we must restore our participation in the free trade zone with the CIS, and this is to review participation in the free trade zone with the EU, which is disastrous. We need to review the participation of Ukraine in the WTO”, — said Medvedchuk.

Speaking about cooperation with the EU, he cited the example of Armenia, which today has partnered with the European Union and develops them: up to 20% is exported from Armenia to the EU and 26% of imports from EU to Armenia. “And they don’t have a free trade zone. They have a system of preferences for European economic cooperation, the GSP system, which is still in 17 countries. In Ukraine this would be form fit. In the presence of Association with the European Union, the GSP system economic partnership, which could change the situation and to give the opportunity to develop relations with those markets, where is our export products are competitive: the markets of the CIS, Russia and more. Therefore, we advocate for the restoration of economic relations, pragmatic economic relations. We believe that changes in the economic situation will lead to the end tariff of the genocide to improve the lives and opportunities of building of Ukraine, as a successful country”, — concluded the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”.