Medvedchuk: Trying to please the authorities, the national Council turned into a resource struggle with independent media

Медведчук: Пытаясь угодить власти, Нацсовет превратился в ресурс борьбы с независимыми СМИ

The Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, the Deputy of IX convocation Viktor Medvedchuk said that the national Council on television and radio broadcasting has become a resource of struggle against the independent media.

About the MP said on the air of socio-political talk show “voice of the people” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the actions of the national Council illegal ‒ the regulator is just trying to please the current government.

“You know, look, the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading adopted the law about the possibility of extending the powers of members of the national Council, which today are lost in connection with the validity of their powers, and decision-making with their participation is illegal. This also applies to the channel “112 Ukraine”, the possibility of decision-making, this also applies to the TV channel NewsOne,” ‒ said Viktor Medvedchuk.

The politician also drew attention to the fact that related initiatives were made by the representatives of the “Servant of the people”, and the national Council members are trying to please the authorities “to demonstrate their zeal in this matter.”

“Therefore, the Verkhovna Rada (promoters, do you remember who made, it a fraction of the “Servant of the people”) attempts to eliminate this disadvantage and the gap. Well, we’re certainly seeing, we are categorically opposed, we did not vote for this bill. There is the illegality of the activities of the National Council, which has turned into a resource struggle with independent media. And we understand why he does it. Because today investigated the case of theft, the abuse of UAH 100 million it is the national Council…” ‒ said the MP.

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Earlier, the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk said that the current government is trying to close the mouth of a free and democratic media, which represent the positions of all political forces.