Medvedchuk: the new government is well on the way Poroshenko and inevitably come to the same inglorious finale

Медведчук: новая власть уверенно идет по пути Порошенко и неминуемо придет к тому же бесславному финалу

The Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk said the Studio “Quarter-95” with derision arson of the former head of the national Bank Valeria Gontareva

About it reports a press-service of opposition politics, writes NewsOne.

“Everything in the Ukraine is a beautiful, talented, caller of the pride for the country, will be on vocals from Zelensky and Kolomoisky. This is the main conclusion, which should be done after a joint performance of the choir named Ropes and “95 Quarter”, — quotes the press service quoted Viktor Medvedchuk.

The politician pointed out that “the cynical ability to gloat over life’s troubles to his opponents and dissenters, to rejoice in the fires and deaths were the hallmark of supporters of the regime Poroshenko.”

“The new government has inherited this disgusting hell, well on the way Poroshenko and inevitably come to the same inglorious finale” — quotes Victor Medvedchuka press service.

Recall that in the next edition of the show “Evening quarter” Yevgeniy Koshevoy and women’s group of the national choir named Ropes sang “Burning house” to the tune of the Ukrainian folk song “Gorla pine”. In particular, the song were the words: “house Burned, burned, in London, a woman cried… a House burns in Horenychi, and in London, Valery is thinking Valerica”.

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Earlier it was reported that the attackers burned located near Kiev house Gontareva. The fire started after an unknown person threw over the fence a bottle with an incendiary mix. Arrived at the scene, firefighters failed to extinguish the fire and the house burned completely.