Medvedchuk on judicial reform Zelensky: It is the law to destroy the Supreme court of Ukraine

Медведчук о судебной реформе Зеленского: Это закон по уничтожению Верховного суда Украины

The team of President Vladimir Zelensky its judicial reform will destroy the Supreme court of Ukraine

About this on air of the TV channel Newsone was declared by the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For life”, people’s Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk, reports

“It’s the law to destroy the Supreme court of Ukraine. The law is aimed at the elimination and destruction of the Supreme court of Ukraine. Today, the future APU oskaloosa vision team should consist of up to 100 people, it could be 10, 20 or 30, but not 200, as it is today, it is evidence that we need to deal with certain candidates. Those people who attained this highest judicial status in the country,” he said.

Medvedchuk noted that this “judicial status suggests that people who have been a Commission check, within a year it was alleged these candidates, of course, worthy of that high rank, to administer justice in Ukraine.”

“It turns out, no. Now will administer only those who deserve to administer the justice that will be called justice named Zelensky. I was very sad, and I indignantly saw a picture when the chair of the APU in the beginning has made comments and statements that Mr. Zelensky was not time to meet with the head of the Supreme court and to discuss issues of disadvantages of swinging, then another bill which is pending adoption. He found time for everything but not human, which is today a separate branch of government. I emphasize that the judiciary is a separate branch of government. We have legislative, Executive and judicial.

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So to meet with the head of the judiciary Mr. Zelensky refused. And when she was invited, she came, I think, at the invitation of individual fractions or of the deputies in the plenary hall, she with difficulty provided one minute for assessing this law, and then was extended for another one minute. I think it was the humiliation of not just women or the Chairman of the APU, it was the humiliation of the judiciary in Ukraine. It was such a disregard for judicial authority to a separate branch of government in the country”, — explained the MP.