Medium Term Pay choice

conseille-jean-gagnon-alain-prefontaine(Sherbrooke) Dear fans of Phoenix, you’re going to show you patients. Again. And even though some positives await.

Is the effort surpass the talent? There is the question. Last season, the talent was to rendezvous with Jérémy Roy, Daniel Audette and Guillaume Gauthier in alignment.

With the departure of these, the Sherbrooke club focuses more on the hard since the lack of effort has often served as an explanation after the defeats of the Birds.

Can the dream of Phoenix honors at the 2016-2017 campaign? Honestly, no. Even if the defense is solid. Although Evan Fitzpatrick win games alone.

Two new young European players will make their debut in Sherbrooke. These will adapt hockey here and take the maturity for the 2017-2018 season. The results of the Phoenix also greatly depend on the forthcoming European draft.

In two years, you can finally rejoice. Finally, hopefully. This will be the best year of Fitzpatrick keeper. And perhaps his last in the QMJHL, that’s why it will be important to build around the doorman.

Work is well underway. The CEO played his cards perfectly since his tenure. He also released his aces in the last QMJHL Entry Draft by exchanging his fourth first-round against the tenth selection in 2016, a first round pick in 2017, the young prospect Alexander Krief and a reversal of choice second round, which allowed him to recover the keeper Justin Blanchette.

All this and more have chosen the much desired player: Anderson MacDonald.

One that speaks well of him. It’s big, it has nice skills and a whole cast. He will become one day the cornerstone of Sherbrooke offensive? The Phoenix thinks so.

In short, the next version will not be the most talented, but it will have the character. It is on this that put Jocelyn Thibault. This choice may be paid in the medium term. With a coach like Stéphane Julien who will drive the first camp, the intensity will be contagious. The show will be good on the ice at the Sports Palace. Nothing to do with the first two seasons of the concession.

Even so, will you be the appointment, dear supporters? Wait to see the audience during home games. Lower rates will certainly have an effect on the ticket of the Palace. The effort by the players too, like the fact of finding more local hockey players in the lineup.

Patience is still appropriate and all I hope is deceiving me. And God knows that your presence will be crucial.

A rumor for months for Phoenix. Sources said Stéphane Robidas will take more space not only hockey, but also financially.

Based on information that came to my ears, the Maple Leafs player will not return to Toronto and would get even larger shares in the organization.

Everything, however, was denied by the shareholders. Mario Aubé and Jocelyn Thibault have also ensured that all shareholders were equally and wanted to keep them.

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