Medical husband is gaining popularity among the members of the RCMP

recours-marijuana-medicale-aussi-augmente(Ottawa) Members and former members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) seem to take a liking to marijuana for medical purposes. Documents obtained by The News show that the number of users, the amount claimed and the costs have increased steadily in recent years.

Last year (2015-2016), 47 members or former members of the RCMP have thus reimbursed the purchase of 26.08 kg, for a total of $ 272,000. This is equivalent to 554 g per person in a year, or 1.5 g per day.

The previous year, 20 beneficiaries were reimbursed the purchase of 7.4 kg for a total of $ 64,000. This quantity amounted to an average of 370 g per person in a year, or about 1 g per day. The year before, claims had reached only $ 8,000.

These data disclosed under the Access to Information Act aimed at the health care program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). This plan covers only members or former members (police and civilian) of the RCMP who have suffered work-related injuries. Other retired or active members can be reimbursed for costs of marijuana for medical purposes if they decide to use it.

“All active members who are prescribed marijuana for medical purposes have the responsibility to inform the divisional head doctor immediately and to refrain immediately perform operational tasks,” says Annie Delisle, spokesman RCMP.

“Only retirees covered by the Veterans Affairs system [wounded service] may be reimbursed for medical marijuana. retired members who have no medical condition related to their work can not be reimbursed for medical marijuana. ”

In 2015-2016, 5,200 members or former members of the RCMP were covered by the VAC system.

The issue remains sensitive in the federal police force: in 2013, a policeman in sick struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder had been removing his uniform for being filmed smoking cannabis for purposes medical. Photo of Ron Francis pulling on a joint in his red tunic and wearing his Stetson hat had the media tower. He explained that he wanted to draw attention to the lack of treatment for this type of problem within the forces.

Also popular among veterans

The use of medical marijuana has also increased in the general population, and veterans themselves are no exception. According to a recent CBC report, over 20% of refunds paid by the federal government for their drug plan targeted medical marijuana in 2015-2016, for a total of 20 million. This amount was 12 million last year and $ 400,000 the one before. The Auditor General Michael Ferguson recommended in the spring that the government address the situation. Ottawa has committed to.

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