Medical genius Boris Todurov: thousands of transactions and tens of years of experience

Медицинский гений Борис Тодуров: тысячи операций и десятки лет опыта

Boris Todurov medical genius with 32 years of experience, the total number of operations exceeds 13 thousand. He was the first in Ukraine has successfully transplanted the heart from a donor, and a year ago and completely made a revolution in Ukrainian surgery – implanted mechanical heart. In 2007, he created a unique cardiac surgery clinic – the heart Institute in Kiev. Tell Boris Todurov each year, pumping hundreds of hearts

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It was a real miracle. I still can’t believe we did it. Ukraine’s first patient who successfully underwent implantation of mechanical heart in our clinic, and after 9 months — a heart transplant in Minsk.

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Should be beating every heart

In 2001 Todorov did something that didn’t make his teacher the legendary Nikolai Amosov, – heart transplant, for the first time in Ukraine. And in 2007, he created a unique cardiac surgery center, which had long dreamed of.

Медицинский гений Борис Тодуров: тысячи операций и десятки лет опыта

Boris Todurov

During a visit to Germany Boris was impressed not only with the heart transplant, but also the conditions in which all this happened. He grabbed a camera and began to capture all the details of the German medicine. It was then Todorov and realized that he would like to see such an institution in Ukraine. When the surgeon was appointed Director, only the construction of the heart Center in Kyiv, he got down to business – has managed to implement almost all the ideas, and this even had to learn the profession of superintendent.

The heart Institute in Kiev, where he manages Boris, quite unusual for our country a health facility. It is an exact copy of the Munich heart center is a modern clinic, which Todorov put a lot of effort. He was involved in the selection of all staff, including Junior, and even helped in the development of drawing construction.

The activities of the Institute

Every year the Institute carried out more than five thousand operations. Here are heart disease, and pulmonary thromboembolism, and develop minimally invasive cardiac surgery and can even do a heart transplant.

However, this is not the main feature of the hospital – the Center provides all of these operations with a very good quality scaling and filtering technology. If all the fatality rate is 3%, then Todurov, he is all of 2%.

Медицинский гений Борис Тодуров: тысячи операций и десятки лет опыта

In the words of Boris Mikhailovich, the hospital is responsible for the result every employee. Any puncture could cost the patient his life. Therefore, the management conducts a thorough selection of personnel. Every new employee is the deal: if in the first six months he is not doing his duties, leaving the hospital. Todurov have two main requirements for staff – kindness towards patients and commitment to professional growth.

Another achievement Todurov and his team: failure rates at the Institute are lower than at secondary hospitals of Europe, and not up to 1 %.

The clinic is visited by patients from other countries. And the thing is that in Europe the same level of service and qualified doctors is five to six times more expensive. Moreover, Ukrainians have a much lower mortality rate. As said the head of the Center: “the operations that we do for rich Europeans help us to operate on poor Ukrainians. The other way in Ukraine today is not.”

Медицинский гений Борис Тодуров: тысячи операций и десятки лет опыта

In 2018, the heart Institute held a unique for Ukraine operation – 42-year-old man implanted a mechanical heart. This technique was developed in Ukraine as an alternative to transplantation of donor organs.

We have something to be proud of

Looking at the Center of the heart, we can say that in the field of cardiac surgery our country back does not graze. Ukrainians can create clinics and treated not worse than the Europeans. However, it remains a huge problem: Ukraine has a huge shortage of personnel. In every field of domestic medicine enthusiasts such as Boris Todurov – no more than ten people. One question remains: when the government creates decent doctors, so they were forced to go abroad in search of a better life.