Medical advice: ineffective methods of treatment of colds

The main rule – in time to see a doctor, avoiding self-medication attempts.

Поради медиків: недієві методи лікування застуди

During a cold cannot be treated by “traditional” methods – drinking lots of hot milk with honey, soar feet and continue to take different medicines.

Here are a few basic rules of how not to treat the common cold:

Rule # 1

First, you can’t take antibiotics without the advice of doctors. In particular, they should not be used in the initial stages of respiratory viral infections, because it only destroys the immune system and produces in the organism a resistance to their action, informs Rus.Media.

Rule # 2

At elevated temperatures the body can’t drink hot drinks. They only speed up the temperature rise, and cause additional congestion, pain and cough. During a cold it is better to drink warm teas, fruit drinks, broth and plain warm water.

Rule # 3

Also, if viral diseases harmful to bring down the temperature below 38°C. As recommended by doctors, antipyretics must be taken when the mark on the thermometer reached 38.5°C. in Any case can not be treated with traditional methods – mustard, banks, foot Spa, steam the potato and the like. Because such methods sometimes can even worsen the disease.

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