Mediation is interest in small claims

1218835(SHERBROOKE) The custody mediator before the meetings of Small Claims Sherbrooke courthouse avoids to appear before the judge almost half the time.

According to data from participatory justice committee of the Law Society of St. Francis, in collaboration with the Small Claims Division of the Court of Quebec, the mediation team reached a settlement rate of up to 50 percent.

“The case resolution rate referred to mediation is 64 percent. All files that are registered small claims, 23 percent agree to participate in mediation offered, “says the president of participatory justice committee of the Law Society of St. Francis, Me Marie-Sophie Demers.

The program came into effect on May 1 at the courthouse of Sherbrooke. The mediation was offered at the opening of the file, but the novelty lies in the fact that a mediator is now available the day of the hearing.

It allows the parties present for the hearing of their application to obtain the services of a certified mediator free.

“Interested parties register with the custody mediator to participate in a mediation session for a maximum of one hour. The latter is offered free by the Ministry of Justice in the case of a first mediation session in their file. Where agreement is reached after the mediation session, the parties may obtain a judgment according to their agreement the same day. Six accredited mediators currently involved in this program. We are very happy with the program to date, “says Mr. Demers.

This service will be part of the next session on small claims in information offered free by the Young Bar Association of St. Francis on Monday, June 27 at 18 pm at the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

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