Media: the U.S. is planning to evacuate the White helmets of Syria

In the discussion of the question involved Canada and some countries in the European Union.


СМИ: США планируют провести эвакуацию «Белых касок» из Сирии

Media: the U.S. is planning to evacuate the White helmets of Сирии Stafyla


USA, Canada, UK and France are preparing a plan to conduct a large-scale evacuation of members of the organization “White helmets” and their families, reports “RIA Novosti”. According to television channel “CNN”, we are talking about sending representatives of the organization another country (Canada, Germany or UK).

It should be noted that the question of evacuation, “White helmets” was raised at the NATO summit in Brussels. Then Donald trump said about the need to develop a special plan for the removal of members from Syria. In turn, the EU representatives noted that this issue needs to be considered with the participation of representatives of Israel and Jordan.

Earlier the US state Department announced that Washington will allocate $ 6.6 million to work with the White helmets in Syria. Thus, the state Department expressed support for the activities of the organization.

It should be noted that “White helmets” was found to create production videos, which allegedly recorded airstrikes and the use of prohibited weapons. The Russian foreign Ministry noted that the organization seeks only to demonize the Syrian authorities.

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