Media review: why we love to kiss?

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In the review of the international press:

  • Why do people like kissing
  • The scandal between Cuba and the United States to blame “mass hysteria”?
  • How often smile the British
  • What you can save money on Friday the 13th

Kiss as the engine of evolution

The reason for kissing with the tongue is “an evolutionary incentive to find a genetically compatible partner”, writes the Independent.

The publication quoted a psychologist Sara Jones who said that this practice is common in almost every society.

“People don’t have a powerful olfactory skills, so easy to feel the smell and taste of the person, and also to understand, or you have a different immune reaction, as there is a tendency that more attractive for us are people with a different immune response,” says Dr. Jones.

Professor Fulvio Duque adds that the reproductive point of view, a kiss plays a big role, because it helps to avoid a relationship with an incompatible partner or partner and “in the end, supports the survival of the species”.

In addition, kissing in the same language as another advantage: “sharing opportunistic pathogens”.

“Enrichment of our microflora and mcrophone kissing can be a exchange, test and increase the possibility of those who are kissing, to counteract harmful microorganisms”, – quotes Dacst Independent.

Psychosomatics brings diplomats?

Neurologists explained the “sound attack” on American diplomats in Cuba “mass hysteria,” writes the Guardian.

The newspaper reminds that Washington accused Havana in the use of “special weapons”, which allegedly led to a variety of dangerous symptoms immediately in the 22 U.S. diplomatic missions as hearing loss, tinnitus, and headache.

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The U.S. Embassy in Cuba opened in 2015

As a result the US withdrew some of its diplomats from Cuba and sent the Cuban majority.

“But the American and Cuban investigation found no evidence of the use of any weapons”, – writes the edition.

According to the American neurologist Mark Galetta, these symptoms are more like “mass hysteria”, which arose through psychosomatic factors.

The scientist believes that generally such cases are typical for smaller groups of people, but it is possible and the scope of such a large group, as in the case of diplomats, despite the fact that “they worked closely in a tense and hostile environment.”

The scientist parts and the acoustic experts.

“If this is really mass hysteria, it would have solved the mystery and re-normalize relations between the U.S. and Cuba,” quoted Mr. Galetta Guardian.


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The average Brit smiles 11 times per day, or 232 thousand times in life, writes Daily Mail.

The researchers found that sunlight is the main cause of a smile. On the second and third positions are, respectively, a compliment from a stranger (s) and viewing of old photos.

But all is not rosy, because it turned out that two of the 11 smiles are “fake”, and one in ten British do not like to smile at all.

Commenting on the findings, psychologist Jessam Hubbard said that good is the fact that most people smile at least seven times a day.

“We’ve all heard about the “rule of five times a day” regarding the consumption of fruits and vegetables, but the importance of the rule of “seven times a day” regarding smiles is no less real, because it has a positive effect on psychological state”, – said the expert.

Among other things, the researchers found that 52% of respondents believe their smile is beautiful, and the 22 and a half years was the age at which Brits smile more often.

The key to a beautiful smile the majority of respondents acknowledged the demonstration of genuine warmth and affection,” writes the Daily Mail.

Best day

Friday the 13th can be a great day for discounts on goods and services, writes the Sun.

For example, you can buy cheap tickets, because “huge” number of people refuse to fly on that day.

In addition, you can hold a fun party for a little money with a DJ, snacks and a photographer, because to celebrate this day decided not everyone.

Much less couples plan this day with a romantic dinner, so “desperate” to have a great chance to sit down at a table at a popular restaurant.

Friday the 13th-many companies offer discounts on their products, and the couple can book a place for a wedding celebration at a lower price.

“If you don’t offer a discount, we will remind about the date and bargain,” advises Sun.

The review was prepared by Ilya Glushenko, BBC monitoring Service

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