Media: Cherniak returned to the control of Ukrspirt

СМИ: Черняк вернул контроль над Укрспиртом

The new head of the state enterprise “Ukrspirt” Sergei Bleskun oversees businessman Yevhen Cherniak

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СМИ: Черняк вернул контроль над Укрспиртом

Eugene Chernyak

Last week the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov said the change of leadership in state-owned enterprise Ukrspirt, the Agrarian Fund and the State service for food safety. Sergei Bleskun appointed acting head of Ukrspirt.

“Cherniak wants to the state for pennies sold Ukrspirt, and he bought for a penny. Today is his second such opportunity. Appointed Milovanov Bleskun fully controlled by Chernyak. Chernyak openly discusses his plans for the Ukrspirt with Milovanov (Minister of economic development, ed. “Open Ukraine”), deputies from the Servants of the People and the leadership of the Ukrspirt”, — said the source publication in Ukrspirt.

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Despite the fact that a year ago Chernyak stated that transfers the production of the brand “Khortytsya” and “Morosha” from Ukraine, he still takes an active part in the life of the industry.

“A few years ago Chernyak already attempted the creation of a large monopoly associations in the alcohol beverage market. Then his partners were Abramov and Anisimov, known as the representatives of “Yenakiyevo” group Yury Ivanyushchenko. From activities Chernyak iron and destabilised the entire market, in particular using a minority owner of Glus Nemiroff, they started a hostile takeover of the company. The result Nemiroff lost its leadership position in the market, which took the “Khortytsya”. After the revolution of dignity Chernyak tried to secede from the Union with Enakievo, between them the conflict began, in which Chernyak left Ukraine. Now he’s back with new partners from the new government and received carte Blanche”, — said the source “Open Ukraine” in Ukrspirt.

Recall earlier media reported that the staff of “Ukrspirt” threatened industry-wide strike. This is a reaction to changes in the law about production of alcohol and the appointment of Bleskun to head. The representatives of the United trade Union organization of employees of GP “Ukrspirt” addressed to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers with the requirement to prevent the destruction of the industry and dismissal of employees.