“Meat plays a role”: according to scientists, who often hurts

"Мясо играет роль": ученые выяснили, кто чаще всего болеет

Controversy surrounding vegetarianism continues to make noise: some say that no meat can not live, and vegetarians say that it is harmful and it is necessary to abandon this product. The doctors have given your comment about it

Experts have determined that meat-eaters get sick less often than vegetarians. This was stated by the research company Fisherman’s Friend. Experts say that eating animal protein is necessary because it allows to avoid many health problems.

The researchers watched thousands of office workers. They determined that vegetarians several times more sick days off than their fellow meat eaters. Experts say that the veggie lovers often sick with colds, flu and other diseases than in previous years.

"Мясо играет роль": ученые выяснили, кто чаще всего болеет

“In the period of seasonal infections vegetarians turn to three times more often than other medical care. Those who refused the meat, skip approx 5 working days per year due to poor health, whereas meat-eaters missing out on for two years”, — concluded the experts.

This is not the first result, which confirms the poor immunity of vegetarians. Austrian scientists from the medical University in Graz said that the lovers of vegetables suffer from complex diseases such as cancer, heart attack miokarda, as well as a mental disorder. Anyway, the quality of life of the vegetarian below, so they often turn to doctors for help.

"Мясо играет роль": ученые выяснили, кто чаще всего болеет

Previously, experts said, are in fact vegetarians longer than meat eaters, as is commonly believed at present. Medical consultant Sarah brewer and nutritionist Juliette of Cello note that a vegetarian diet has a reputation as one of the healthiest.

But most people don’t know is it connected with the duration of human life.

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