Mc Solaar explains his long absence and reveals what gave him the urge to sing back a – Here

During the ten years, Mc Solaar has disappeared from the music scene. The rapper comes to explain the reasons for this long absence.

Since June 2007, when he released his first opus entitled Chapter 7, Mc Solaar has completely disappeared from the radar screens. An absence that lasted for ten years and during which he did more out of the album. For his fans, the long wait came to an end last July when he announced his big comeback.” A year ago, I resumed contact with the team of my album Fifth ace to work on new pieces, he had given to the World. There, I am trying to mix in the studio of Tefa [he produced artists such as Rohff, Sniper, or Kery James, Ed]. It is not that far away from home and you’ll meet always a lot of people. I should release the album in the end of the year. “

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If his audience is delighted to find it, the rapper has never really said why he was away from home too long. He comes to reveal the reasons in an interview granted to 20 : “I didn’t want to give me that three years of peace, as it was a number of years that I had because of the music, explained Mc Solaar. So I told myself that I was going to take a little rest, and then… It became a habit, you’re not doing more in the studio, days go by… “A pause as the interpreter of Caroline had never imagined such a long, and ended with a shock :” I was expecting a shock, he confessed. And it took place in 2015 when two musicians have called me in the same week, saying to myself : “But what is it that you do ?” “. A note after which he is eager to return to the path of the studios.

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