Mayor Juneau “outrageous and irresponsible” say advisers

selon-cinq-six-conseillers-municipaux(Quebec) “Shame on the mayor Juneau” have claimed Friday five of the six municipal councilors of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, a few days after the mayor pointed took the finger to a payment of $ 350,000 due to the deficit agglomeration.

The mayor blamed Sylvain Juneau had five councilors, with whom he is in open war last Wednesday, to check that the City should do in the city and its impact on the tax bill of the population. The mayor was estimated that his city would not be there if the councilors had approved the agreement with Quebec that he wanted to conclude in early 2016 to exclude St. Augustine agglomeration deficits.

The charges have boosted the mayor councilors France Hamel, Denis Côté, Lise Lortie, Guy Marcotte and Louis Potvin, who co-signed a letter Friday in which they accuse the mayor of being “unworthy and irresponsible.”

Reached by L e Soleil, France Hamel assured that “the invoice of $ 350,000 will have no impact on the tax bill,” for $ 800,000 had already been provided for this purpose in the 2016 budget it considers Sylvain Juneau scares people unnecessarily sounding a false alarm.

“Find me another mayor who speaks against his own city,” challenged Ms. Hamel. “It does not stop denigrating St. Augustine even if the city is fine now. This is not what will help the sale of land in the Industrial Park, sales of homes and businesses. We find it irresponsible. ”

Municipal councilors also recall that the agreement on the table with the City of Quebec demanded that the pursuit of $ 30 million brought by St. Augustine is left fallen.

Rocky relationship

Sign that the relationship between Juneau mayor and councilors from the previous city administration does not improve, they enjoy the same press release to state that the mayor “has no vision, it hinders the development of the city” .

Hamel France has also argued that the salaries of councilors of the City was not increasing, as denounced the mayor Juneau. “We will photocopy our T4 in December. You will see that it is the same $ 24,228 the previous year. ”

Recall that the mayor now has over an ally among its councilors with the election in March, the Independent Raynald Brulotte in the Lake District.

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