Mayor Hebert talks tough

employes-laboratoire-hopital-dolbeau-mistassiniDolbeau-Mistassini talks tough and requires the government to back with the implementation of the project aimed Optilab centralization of medical laboratories.

The City has adopted a resolution to this effect on Monday evening in the presence of employees of the laboratory of the Dolbeau-Mistassini Hospital and President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dominic Saint-Pierre. A petition is circulating to invite citizens of the entire MRC refuse to reform and force the member for Roberval to put pressure on the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, to accept a moratorium on the decision.

Mayor Richard Hébert believes that it is the economy of his community is at stake. “We find that the deployment is done too quickly. It must also ensure the safety and traceability of samples during transport. We want to be heard. Dolbeau-Mistassini will not accept losing the services it dearly acquired over generations. There is not much at the moment that tells us that it will guarantee the safety of patients and jobs, “said Mayor Richard Hebert during the public council meeting.

The employees present on site and the Alliance’s political sponsor of the professional and technical personnel of the health of Social Services (APTS), Linn Brie, indicated that this consolidation will affect the quality of care.

“As there will be less analysis in our laboratories, there will be fewer people to do the sampling. People will wait even longer, “commented drop one of them.

For Dolbeau hospital, we do not know how it will remain professional after the combination. An estimated 70% of the analyzes will be transferred to Chicoutimi. What will remain there eight full-time employees, four part-time and eight others who perform replacement? “In the region, it affects 81 people besides those working in the laboratory of Chicoutimi. Thirty-seven posts will be abolished and eight new will be created in Chicoutimi. These are the hospitals in Jonquière, La Baie, Alma, Roberval and Dolbeau-Mistassini who are penalized by this reform, “argued Linn Brie.

Disappointed Couillard

Mayor Hébert is very disappointed with the few listening demonstrated by the Member for Roberval, Philippe Couillard, who seems to ignore the complaints of the mayors in his constituency. “The Member for Roberval, we would definitely hear. We’ve seen politicians change their minds. If Roberval and Alma campaigning together, I think it can influence future decisions. This is what we want, “he said.

Richard Hebert therefore hope that all the mayors of the Lac-Saint-Jean, including that of Alma, Marc Asselin, endorse the same kind of resolution. Mayors of the North Shore and the Gaspé have also expressed their fear in Richard Hebert. The anxiety and discontent are growing.

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